Chr. Hansen: Leader in Natural Food Ingredients and Biotechnology

Chr. Hansen is a global industrial biotechnology company specializing in developing and supplying natural ingredients for the food and nutrition industry. With a history spanning more than 140 years, Chr. Hansen has achieved a unique position as a leading innovator and reliable partner in this field. The company works with a wide range of customers, from food manufacturers to farmers and pharmaceutical companies, and its products and solutions have a significant impact on the global food and healthcare sector.

Chr. Hansen relies on a solid IT infrastructure to maintain its leadership position in the industry. To ensure that their IT systems run smoothly and efficiently, Chr. Hansen chose Support Solutions as their trusted partner to provide permanent IT support consultants. This strategic decision has proven to be crucial in achieving and maintaining a high level of technical expertise and efficiency within the company.

Support Solutions has been our trusted IT partner for several years, and their expertise and quick response has been crucial to our success. We are extremely satisfied with their professional service and highly recommend them to other companies. – Thomas Fellov Møller, IT Service Manager, Chr. Hansen.

Support Solutions offers a wide range of IT competencies for Chr. Hansen, including expertise in troubleshooting and support, application support, upgrades and system maintenance, and user management and access control. Their dedicated team is ready to meet Chr. Hansen’s specific IT needs and ensure a smooth and reliable IT infrastructure.