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Try and Hire

What is 'Try and Hire'?

“Try and Hire” gives your organization a risk-free opportunity to evaluate top IT professionals. Whether you need software developers, cybersecurity experts, IT administrators, or other IT roles, our program allows you to thoroughly assess candidates’ technical skills, problem-solving skills, and cultural fit before making a long-term hiring decision.

How does it work?

It’s very simple to start with our “Try and Hire” program!

Take your IT department to the next level

Ready to elevate your IT department, risk-free?

Don’t let the challenge of finding the right IT talent limit your company’s potential. Collaborate with Support Solutions and use our “Try and Hire” program to create a strong IT team that drives your business forward.

Take the step into a new era of IT hiring with us and unlock unparalleled success!

Risk-free trial

Test before hiring:
Evaluate candidates’ technical skills and cultural fit in practice before any employment.

No obligations:
Freedom to choose only those candidates who truly fit into your team and meet your requirements.

Reduced risk:
Minimize the risk of hiring by observing the candidate in work first.

Tailor-made matching

Accurate screening:
Our experts select candidates who closely match your specific needs.

Wide network:
Access to an extensive network of IT professionals in many specializations.

Quality assurance:
We only guarantee candidates of the highest quality who are thoroughly assessed.

Flexible implementation

Adaptable timeframes:
We coordinate the trial period so that it fits perfectly with your company’s calendar.

Effective onboarding:
Smooth transition from trial to permanent employment based on your evaluation.

Support all the way:
Support Solutions supports you throughout the process, from selection to hiring.